Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monday, March 8th, 2010

I'm not going to lie, this no day nurse thing is pretty tough on all of us. Although I was feeling much better physically today, Mommy noticed that emotionally I was on the edge - very whiny and needy - which put Mommy on the edge right there with me. This would be a challenging day in the best of circumstances but add to that Mommy having to work and a pediatrician's appointment on top of it and it was near impossible. On the way to the pediatrican's appointment Mommy stopped to get the mail and as if the day could not get any worse she got bad news. My pediatrician is leaving the practice at the end of April. Now Mommy was devoted to my first pediatrician, Dr Scott, and when she moved across the country she couldn't imagine finding anyone else she would like as well. But Dr Scott left me in capable hands when she referred Mommy to her close friend, Dr Emge. Now that I am older, I don't visit Dr Emge very much but she is a huge support to my parents because of all the paperwork, referrals and prescription refills she has to deal with. Once Mommy got into the room Dr Emge clarified that she is leaving the current practice at the end of April and then taking a couple month break but will eventually return to a different group practice. Huge sigh of relief for Mommy although arrangements will have to be made for the few months she is not working. Once we got past that little business it was on to Mommy's list (and when she sees Dr Emge there is always a list).

1. TB test
2. Blood draw for preop appointment on Thursday
3. Prescription refills for my respiratory medications
4. New order for the home health agency because I am moving from infant to children's OTC medications (yes, this requires an order - did I tell you how much paperwork Dr Emge has to sign for me?)
5. Exam for the painful diaper changes I have had recently

Dr Emge's nurse used to work in the NICU so she felt pretty confidant she could get blood out of me despite Mommy's horror stories from the past. She played with me for a while and because she was so calm I let her "look" at my veins for quite some time without a peep. When it came time for the actual blood draw it took Mommy and another nurse to hold me down but she got it on the first stick! Mommy is officially her biggest fan at this point. As if the blood draw wasn't enough to ruin my visit, then it was on to the TB test. Although it was a small needle and didn't take long it succeeded in turning me off to the whole experience and I kept pointing to the door to leave. Not so fast! I still needed the exam from Dr Emge which required a look see and swab of my diaper area to add insult to my two previous injuries. After all that fun I was ready to go at that point and after driving in rush hour traffic we finally made it home.

Whew - can't wait to see what tomorrow holds!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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