Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

To make our 6 am check in we were all up at 4:30. I got dressed in my U of U scrubs for the big day. Upon entering Lucile Packard, security asked if anyone had a cough so I had to put on a mask which I was not happy about. The rest of the parents waiting anxiously with their children in the preop area also looked a little anxious so Daddy walked me around out in the hallway while we waited to be called back. About 20 minutes later it was our turn and I was asleep on Daddy's shoulder. The nurse started asking a few questions and when my parents filled her in on the last week and a half events, she immeadiately paged the anesthesiologist. The anesthesiologist came down shortly and after getting the details from us, it was clear there would be no surgery today. In fact, the look on her face was "why are you here?" So Mommy explained all the calls she had made and all the instructions they were given to show up. Before surgery could be cancelled, though, to be politically correct, she first called the surgeon's resident, Jason. In an accusatory tone she said to him, "Your patient is here and she is sick. Maybe not as sick as a week ago but she is still sick." After some hushed comments, Jason apparently was going to call Dr Schendel. While we were waiting, the anesthesiologist explained that even though my lungs sounded clear and I hadn't had a fever in several days it was more than a little risky to attempt a long complicated surgery when my trach would be difficult to get to because the face was the operative site. Totally made sense to my parents and they didn't feel bad at all. So with that, back in the car we went and back to the hotel to pack up. I was asleep almost immeadiately and woke up only a few minutes before we got home. The rest of the day my parents traded off trying to nap a little to make up for the last few nights while I had a great time drinking milk, eating crackers and watching some of my favorite videos. Our night nurse is still out sick so Daddy will be night nurse again tonight. The agency has still not found a day nurse for me so Daddy will be my day nurse for this week as well. Despite all the stress of not having nursing we are all so grateful to be home.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. What a mess this has all been, but I truly believe it all happened for a reason. You will have surgery when the time is right, and the place is right, and I pray that we are able to be with you when your next surgery takes place!