Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

I had a pretty good night for Diane last night and my parents were sure excited to have a night nurse again for only the second time this week. Both of them really needed to catch up on some sleep. During my nap, Daddy and Uncle Jeff went to a movie so Mommy took me to the park when I woke up. It was breezy and there were quite a few kites up. Unfortunately, Mommy hadn't thought to bring my new butterfly kite but she told me we would go back to the park tomorrow with Daddy if it was still windy.

In the evening, my parents got a call from the agency that Diane must have caught my cold and she would not be working tonight. At this point, my parents can't help but laugh. In the last week, only 1 of my 5 day shifts were covered and only 2 of my 7 night shifts were covered - not great odds! Good thing my parents invested in that blow up mattress...

Peyton Nicole Smith

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