Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

After an uneventful night for me, the doggies and Daddy, it was off to the GI this morning for a checkup. I weighed in at 21 lbs. 8 ozs. which isn't too bad considering the vomiting yesterday. Dr Davies said I am in the 14th percentile height to weight. My night nurse said I look "skinny" so Mommy asked Dr Davies how she thought I was doing weight wise. Dr Davies said her own children are at the 14th percentile and that's perfect. She said as the population continues to get more and more overweight the perception of what is "normal" for weight gets more out of whack. It isn't that I am too skinny - it's that many kids are too fat! Dr Davies said a lot of parents come in thinking their kids should have a good layer of fat around their bellies or else they aren't healthy and that's just not true. Mommy sure feels better after that explanation and she will officially have to stop calling me Skinny Minny!

My parents and several nurses had noticed that my button site seems to be off on the right while most kids are off to the left. When Mommy asked Dr Davies about this, Dr Davies asked if Dr Greenholz had put my tube in. Mommy wondered how Dr Davies knew and then Dr Davies explained that surgeons have different spots they like to put g tubes in. Most tend to put them over to the left but Dr Greenholz prefers a little to the right because he thinks it results in better stomach emptying based on that position. Dr Davies says she has seen several of Dr Greenholz' patients and tends to agree with him.

I had been messing with my button a few weeks back and signing "hurt" but recently I sign "hurt" when I am peeing. Dr Davies thought it best to quickly get a cath in and get a good urine sample just to rule out a UTI - espescially since I am only a few weeks out from surgery. So Mommy held down my head and arms and Lucille held down my feet and man was I mad! But strangely enough, as soon as the cath was inserted and as the tube filled I calmed right down. Mommy couldn't figure out why that didn't seem to bother me! So now my parents are waiting for a call back with results of the urine test.

In the evening, it was time for my bath so Mommy got me undressed. Within seconds of the diaper being removed I was peeing all over Mommy. Then I got all antsy and started frantically pointing to my diapers. Mommy thought I might need to pee some more so she got me to agree to sit on my potty but after a few seconds I wanted back up with nothing to show for it. Again, I kept pointing to my diapers so Mommy tried once more to put me on the potty. She joked with me about bearing down to pee but off I hopped just a few seconds later. To my parents surpise I had left a little present in the potty (no it wasn't pee)! Mommy figured I probably needed to finish what I had started but I refused to get back on the potty once I saw what was in there! So after some clean up I was in the bath - and sure enough I started peeing! So I didn't pee in the potty tonight (on Mommy maybe and in the tub) but I did work on something else for my parents. Mommy showed me how my dolly can pee on my potty and I thought that was pretty cool but I'm not sure I am committed yet to ditching the diapers. I did like all the high four's and clapping from my parents though so we'll see.

As an FYI, Mommy of course wanted to capture this moment on film for my blog but Daddy absolutely insisted that would be inappropriate. So for those of you with weak stomachs you have Daddy to thank for a pretty tame photo tonight!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Good morning Miss Peyton,
    It sounds to me as though daddy saved you from a very possible embarrising picture of you out there when you run for public office in the future.On second thought you maybe need to be a little sweeter with him!