Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Two very different faces, right? As Mommy has said all along, I am just an actress waiting to be discovered.
Today I got to show off a little when I went for a follow up evaluation at the Baby Steps program at the UC Davis MIND Institute. They like to follow graduates of the NICU to see how they are doing. Of course, I am doing really well if you ask me. I sat in my own big girl chair and got to "play" for about an hour and a half - doing things like stacking blocks, putting pieces in a puzzle, pointing at pictures in a book. After that point, I started to get a little antsy and stopped wanting to respond to instructions (I started tuning them out and doing my own thing). Thankfully about that time they let me down to show off how I can run, jump and climb stairs. Finally, the doctor came in to do a quick exam. She found a little cafe au lait spot on my tummy. One is not a big deal but if there were five or so, that could be an indicator of a scary syndrome (you might know it as the Elephant Man disease). So my parents will keep an eye on that. It will be about a month before my parents get the written results back but in general I did very well - mostly right around age level. Because of my refusal to do some things Mommy knows I can (like walk backwards, sign lots of words, etc) and some terminology that I was not familiar with (tummy instead of belly, etc) I scored lower then probably where I really am but Mommy was still happy with my results. I was happy because I got a brand new book, "Sheep in a Jeep". They'll want to see me again in 9 months and I'll get another book then too.
In the afternoon I got to show Karen, my OT the dance barre which she thought was great. We got to do some fun stuff like learn to cut with special scissors (I say "fun", Mommy says "scary") and tear and crumple paper. She always has such fun things for us to do together!
Peyton Nicole Smith

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