Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Around 3 am, we finally got moved out of the ER and into our own room - and what a room it was! Because of my flu like symptoms I got to do something I've never done before - I was put in isolation! Basically that means I get a private room (not so bad, right?) but before anyone can come in my room they have to wear gloves, gowns and masks - Mommy and Daddy included. To be transported from the ER to my room I even had to wear a mask (it may look cute on me but I hated it!)
After getting into my room they took a few swabs from my nose (not pretty) to test for swine flu. By that time, Daddy was starting to feel a little under the weather. He needed to open the office for the day so Mommy sent him home to check on my grandparents and the dogs and get showered to go to work (that's right on absolutely no sleep). Mommy got to stay and keep me entertained. I did doze off an on but it was a long night and she didn't get any sleep either.
In the morning the doctors came by and said they thought I had both bacterial and viral pneumonia and they were going to start me on antibiotics for the bacterial pneumonia and Tamiflu in case it was the flu. I started out on some Pedialite but by mid-morning they decided to switch me to a soy formula I haven't tried before since they don't carry the brand I use. About that time, Grandpa Mower showed up just in time to see me vomit it all up on Mommy. He poked his head in the door and let her know Daddy had sent him with some items (my DVD player and movies, Mommy's contacts and the camera) and then he left to start the long drive back to Salt Lake.
Meanwhile, back at the office, Daddy was feeling worse and worse. As if going to work wasn't bad enough he had to report for jury duty at 1 pm. Luckily when he called and explained the situation they gladly let him off and he went home to sleep.
After my soy formula blow out Mommy tried out just some sterile water with my Miralax but I was still running a fever and that came right back up as well. By now the pj's I had worn to the ER and my lovey had to be put aside and I got into the standard issue hospital gown. Good thing Mommy had thought to bring my "big lovie" (no, not the polygamy show Big Love) and that took over for my regular lovie until she could be washed. With the vomiting and fever you would think they would leave me alone for a while but I needed fluids to help the fever go down and keep my secretions thin so the time came to try to get an IV in again. After the ER experience, they took Mommy seriously and brought out the big guns - Darrell from the transport team. My parents learned several IV's ago that the folks on the transport team or the NICU are the way to go when it comes to IV's since they are used to working with babies in emergency situations. Darrell took his time checking out the options and on the first stick he got it in. Mommy was thrilled! With the IV in and fluids flowing and a dose of Tylenol I was feeling better within a few hours and the nurses started me on a V-E-R-Y slow soy formula feeding and I kept it down. The DVD player came in handy and kept me entertained and quiet on Mommy's lap. Early on, Mommy decided it was just easier to climb into the crib with me and thank goodness she fit!
By 6 pm, I was starting to wind down and Mommy was about ready to collapse. She had been taking care of me at the hospital for 12 hours straight with only one five minute potty break. Daddy had taken the car, so he came to get her and brought me my other lovie, my stuffed Barney and a big arrangement of flowers. Mommy got me lying down and then had the nurse come in and rub my back so she could leave. Since Daddy was sick he wasn't able to come see me but Mommy brought me all the items (the flowers had to stay outside the room) and I was asleep before she left the hospital. Good thing, because both my parents need their rest tonight too.
Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. So, so, sorry Peyton is sick :(

    I hope Dad is feeling better soon!

  2. I would LOVE to see pics of your beautiful flowers! What a wonderful daddy (and mommy, of course!) you have!