Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Can you see something wrong in the picture - I can! There have been a lot of jokes recently about how I am OCD like my Mommy. But despite all of Mommy's denials, the case of the shoe boxes has emerged and now she is not so sure that I fall far from her tree. My parents had the great idea to take all my empty shoe boxes, tape the lids on them and then I could use them as building blocks. They are a good size for building without being too heavy and I love them. However, Daddy noticed pretty early on that when either he or Mommy stacked a box upside down that I would take a moment to turn it right side up. So Daddy tested out the theory. He would have Mommy stack a few boxes right side up, then one right side down and then a few more right side up. Sure enough, I would take the two boxes off the top that were right side up and remove them, then turn over the one that was upside down and then restack the two top boxes again. My parents have tried this party trick out on me many times since then and each time it is the same result - I have to turn the boxes upside down to be right side up. Now, I am not sure if you call that being OCD or paying attention to solid engineering practices but it is important to me so my parents just need to get over it!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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