Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

It was a memorable feeding therapy appointment today. I love to eat smashed up crackers and cookies but I haven't been as willing to try pureed foods lately. My feeding therapist, Karen, brought out the bubbles and as soon as I would taste the ice cream on my tray she would blow some for me to pop. It only took me a few seconds to figure out the drill and the melting ice cream was soon gone from the tray. About that time, Mommy got called away when the washing machine showed up so Lucille and Karen kept on with the bubbles. They started raiding the cupboards and fridge to see what else they could get me to try and ended up with whipped cream (I am my mother's daughter after all) and Karen mixed up some vanilla pudding. When Mommy came back about 15 minutes later, I had finished off the whipped cream and was about through the vanilla pudding. Now Karen wouldn't let me have very much but it was the most she has ever seen me eat - about 3 teaspoons in total. I was such a good eater today!

It was a day to celebrate - the washing machine was finally delivered! Mommy was so happy and has gotten through 8 loads already with a few left to go before she is caught back up. The new washer is pretty quiet and since it is a front loader it's much more interesting then the last one. In the evening, Mommy, the doggies and I sat in the laundry room and watched the clothes and water spin around. Yes, this is the excitement of the Smith household - you're jealous aren't you?

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. So happy to hear the new washing machine is providing entertainment for the whole family. For some reason, I doubt your daddy is as fascinated as you are!

    Hope your towels are no longer stinky!

    Love you!