Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Less than a week after the ENT appointment at Stanford, it was time to return for my follow up with Dr Schendel who did my jaw surgery. I watched some videos on the way down and then took a long nap. Shortly after waking up we had arrived and I got to stretch my legs in the waiting room for a little while. I love my pink shoes and although they are a little bit of an adjustment compared to bare feet, they make a great sound on the floor when I am walking! We got back into a room and I kept poking my head around the corner to look down at the hallway at the doctors and other patients. A few minutes later, Dr Schendel arrived. He put his fingers in my mouth to stretch my jaw (I hate this part) but it was over soon and I got to pick some stickers to take home for being so good. Dr Schendel said that my parents need to keep at the jaw stretching and come back in June. At that point my jaw bone will be a little more mature and he will make a decision about potentially doing another distraction at the end of the summer or waiting until next year. Lucille, Mommy and I got back in the car for the long ride home. Thank goodness for the portable DVD player - I watched about 5 DVD's and about the time I was sick of them we got home. Daddy had a late sales meeting so Mommy put me to bed long before he got home. I'll make sure and give him extra kisses in the morning!
Peyton Nicole Smith

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