Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Today Mommy posed me for a few pictures in my "Valentine's outfit". Keep a watch out in your mail for a Care Bear valentine from me with a picture!
Mommy had to go to the doctor's today for a check-up and while she was out she ran a few errands. While she was gone, Lucille put me on the floor and let me play like my parents do in the morning and night. Mommy thinks it is so funny to see Lucille in her skirt and nylons laying on the floor playing with me! She is still trying to talk her into letting her take a picture of us together so she can post it to the blog but Lucille is pretty stubborn!
Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Now that's a picture! Great outfit kiddo! I think red just might be your color.......Is that a headband I see in your hair? You certainly look divine!
    Love, Karen

  2. Peyton,
    You are to cute for words!!!
    Love the outfit and headband.

  3. I love your Outfit, such a sassy skirt...I must admit you do look great in red!!!

    I also.. just love that smile...it makes me chuckle a little too..

    I see you have some dimples on your elbows and thighs, its so great seeing these pictures as you grow and develop..tell Mommy she is doing a great job and of course Daddy too...

  4. I always wondered who looks good in red, and now I know! Red is DEFINITELY your color, and you look SO cute in your Valentine outfit! Love the skirt, it's definitely something I would have picked out!

    Your parents are doing a WONDERFUL job with you, and that shows with each passing day and your amazing progress. You're a little chunk, and I have no doubt you'll surpass Gavin and Trey's weight at their ages with your continual weight gain. Can't wait for you to come to Salt Lake in March and meet all of the people who love you. You're a VERY popular girl!

    Miss you, and will be squeezing you in less than a week! Get all your rest now while you still can!

    Aunt Kristin