Monday, January 14, 2008

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

Although I am smiling in the top picture, it must have been one of the only times today that I smiled. My parents aren't sure why but I was such a grouch today! I slept quite a bit but when I wasn't sleeping I was whiny or crying or kicking my feet in anger - or a combo of all three at once! Mommy thought I might be teething, Daddy thought she was crazy - I am still so young. Whatever it was, it made for a not so fun family day together. Towards the end of the night Mommy put me on the rug to hang out with the doggies and Chili and I spent some quality time together. He loves to lick me and you can see that any part of my body is lickable - from my face to my fingers to my neck. Chili just adores me and I think he is pretty cute too!
Peyton Nicole Smith

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