Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Monday, January 7th, 2008

Yes, those are my brothers and yes, they are sitting by full food bowls. Why are they sitting by full food bowls and not eating them? That would be because they are waiting to get fed the dinner that my Mommy is preparing. Henry espescially has decided that it is better to wait to eat his dog food until after my parents eat dinner. That way, he won't fill himself up on dog food just in case he gets some scraps from dinner. If no scraps, then he will eventually eat the dog food. So, my parents are going to try to be better in 2008 and quit feeding my brothers from the table!

It was not my best day ever, I had to go in for my four month old appointment and get 3 shots and 1 vaccination via my g-tube. When I got home around 3:30 I then took a nap for 3 HOURS! Not suprisingly, I was not in the mood to sleep at 8 pm when I normally go to bed and stayed up until almost 10 pm instead.

The doctor weighed me and I am now 10 lbs 6 ozs. Mommy really thought I would be up to 11 lbs but not quite yet. The nurse said I was a real trooper because I would cry for a few seconds after each shot and then I was over it pretty quickly. By the time the nurse left the room I was back to my old self. My mommy says I am a brave girl and if she could have given me a lollipop she said I certainly deserved one.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. You certainly deserve a treat for being so brave sweet girl!

    I'd give you chocolate or bottlecaps if possible, they are better than lollipops.

    Just had a daycare tour today for your upcoming cousin, and surprisingly, we are on a waiting list, as there are no available spots for August at this time, when the baby would be ready to be in daycare. Hope you're back in Utah by that point, at some point you could be in the same daycare with your little cousin, as they give preference to University employees.

    Miss you sweet girl, but I'll see you soon!


    Aunt Kristin