Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

My parents were a little suprised this morning when my nurse, Lucille, didn't show up. They called the agency and they didn't know either. They think because it is a holiday Lucille decided to take the day off, but just didn't remember to tell anyone. Since my parents had the day off we got to spend the day together instead.

I am going through a phase of only wanting to sleep while being held or in my swing. Every time my parents try to move me to my crib I wake up. They think it is important that I learn to sleep there, though, so they keep trying.

You may wonder why my hair is so greasy in some pictures. Mommy discovered that I have cradle cap. Apparently, it is very common in babies but due to all of my hair Mommy just now noticed it. All the books say that if you rub vegetable oil into the scalp that oil will attract the oily skin and then it will fall off. Mommy likes to experiment on me so she gave it a shot. She's not sure if it really worked yet but it sure got me all greasy and made for a long shampoo session tonight which I didn't really appreciate!

During playtime tonight, Daddy sat me on his chest and I got to look at him from a whole new angle which I loved! Don't we look alike!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Happy New Year Smith Family! Peyton, you are growing right in front of our eyes, thanks to your moms dedication to The Smith Family website. I cannot believe how long your hair is getting. That is a very cute picture of you sitting on your dads chest. Tell mom let's see some more pictures of her and you together. Take care.