Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Tonight was my first soccer class at the Eccles Field House on the U campus. Daddy had to work late, so Mommy and I headed out on our own. Cousin Jackson had signed up too but as he is recovering from an ear infection he stayed home tonight. Mommy was not expecting how difficult it would be to find close parking and then the door to get in the building was like looking for a secret passageway. Eventually she and a few other mom's who were running late found their way in. Mommy wasn't entirely sure what to expect - basically there are eight "stations" set up - 4 of the same station on two sides of the field. Then we get to rotate through 3 stations (one is an extra) in the course of 45 minutes. Good thing the field is huge because there were probably 100+ kids between the ages of 2-4. I missed the first station which was kicking so I joined in on the second station which involved me and another kid kicking the ball back and forth. It sounds simple but give 2 year old's a ball and the instruction to kick back and forth to each other and you have mass chaos! At station 3 we were instructed to kick the ball with "baby kicks" around some cones. For the 4 year olds it was a much easier task for the 2 year olds it was a lesson in patience as the "baby kick" instruction was taken literally! As wtih the other classes Mommy has participated in with me, 45 minutes seems like a really long time when trying to keep a 2 year old following instructions and waiting her turn. But all that matters is I had a good time and was able to run around inside where it was dry and warm while the weather outside was not so nice.
When I got home it was time for a bath and then a little story time before bed. Despite being the smallest person in the house, I demanded that Papa get out of his big comy LazyBoy so I could lay back and read my stories. My parents are just hoping for a better night tonight as I woke up last night at 2:30 and decided I was up for the day. Mommy stopped counting after 9 times laying me back down - it took almost 2 hours for me to get back to sleep.
Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Peyton is adorable! Welcome to the Utah cleft kids email group. And welcome to Utah!

  2. We missed you on Wednesday, but are glad we were able to play with you last night!