Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monday, May 17th, 2010

It was a pretty busy day today what with Mommy going back to work in the office, a doctor's appointment and soccer in the evening. So Mommy worked a little in the morning and then Grandma, Mommy and I went out to the Primary Children's Outpatient Clinic at Riverton Hospital for my audiology appointment. I think the audiologist was a little surprised when we said my BAHA was broken and we were needing to get it repaired. The process was new for her since my BAHA's weren't purchased locally through Primary Children's Hospital. So after a few calls to UC Davis Audiology (Mommy had all the records with her) it was determined that the BAHA that was no longer working was no longer under warranty. That will be $450 to repair it please! Yes, $450! Mommy tried not to wince as she handed it over but the good news is that it should only take about a week to get it fixed and then I will be back to a two hearing aid girl - yeah!
Mommy helped me get settled in my car seat in Grandma's car and off she went to work. I did cry just a little initially but Grandma was smart and brought crackers to entertain me on the car ride home. Mommy got to work and had a nice day in the office with a little celebration with some cinnamon rolls from her team and then back home she came to see me. I was so excited I came running to her and gave her a big hug - which made it all worth it!
In the evening, Mommy and I met Daddy, Uncle Lonnie, Aunt Kristin and Jackson at the field house for our second soccer practice. It was Jackson's first time coming since he was sick last week. We got to be on the same team and had a great time. Cousin Jackson has quite a leg on him and scored lots of goals. After about the third rotation, Jackson called it quits and sat on the sideline and drank some juice under his blankie while I continued to play. By 7 pm, I was ready to get home and get to bed.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. You forgot to indicate that you were QUITE the soccer star as well!

    You didn't fade quite as easily as Jackson, and I was impressed that you and Aiden carried the team up to the end. Can't wait for t-ball next week, you better be feeling up to it!!