Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

After missing my pediatrician's appointment last week because I got hospitalized for an URI, I finally made it back today. For those not familiar with Utah, Primary Children's Hospital (where I was admitted last week) is right next door to University Hospital. Most of the doctors who practice at Primary Children's are employed by University Hospital. So we headed to University Hospital tonight to see Dr Norlin. Dr Norlin is my cousin Jackson's pediatrician too. Dr Norlin was running about an hour behind but I was in a good mood and kept myself entertained pretty well in the exam room. When he came in to the room, Mommy quickly gave him a general overview of my medical history (okay maybe not so quickly) and then she had a list of things she wanted to discuss. Dr Norlin was a trooper and spent as long with Mommy as she needed even though his day was long since over.

Prescriptions - I need a new prescription for supplies and rescue oxygen since we are changing providers from Sacramento to Salt Lake. Since I am getting VERY low on supplies it was a good thing Dr Norlin had the order from the supply company in hand so we can get the supplies as quickly as possible.

Vaccinations - I need two vaccinations to get caught up. Prevar is recommended in Utah and Sacramento had a Hepatitis A shortage when I needed it last summer. Mommy will make an appointment to get these out of the way soon.

Exam schedule - Dr Norlin would like to see me as a "well child" every six months. That way he can keep up to date on what is going on with all my specialists and surgeries. He's like me to be the last appointment of the night since there is usually a lot to talk about.

On our way out, Daddy got me a sticker and we stopped at the Starbucks in the hospital so my parents could get some coffee and I could get my favorite Madeline cookies.

No sticks and a treat - it was a good appointment!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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