Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

My night went pretty well - just a tiny bit of O2 for a few hours to bring me up from the mid 80's on my sats to mid 90's. Then it was back to room air and I was in the low 90's which the doctor's were happy with.
This morning the doctors came by early to let me know that I was on my list to be discharged but the final decision would not be made until rounding later in the day. Meanwhile, I started in on my feedings again without any problem. Grandma Glenda came mid-morning and with Mommy managed to keep me entertained for a few hours until the doctors came back through. At one time, a little baby with bright red hair was wheeled by in a wagon with a trach. He stared at me and I stared at him. Unfortunately, I still couldn't leave the room. Soon enough the doctors were back. Sure enough, they were letting me go. Before they did, though, Mommy had requested a blood draw to test for a milk allergy so we had to wait a few minutes for the phlebotomist to come by. Once again, Primary Children's proved they are head and shoulders above the rest with one quick stick and they had their blood! I was not very happy and wanted a photo taken of my IV site for you all to see what I have had to go through these last few days!
After the blood draw I got into my street clothes and shoes and Mommy and Grandma gathered all my items together. In honor of the day, Mommy let me wear my "trachs aren't for sissies" shirt. Everyone on the unit thought it was great - in fact they suggested Mommy print up some more and sell them. As we were walking out I waved and blew kisses to my many fans. According to the nurses, about 80% of children with trachs they see are developmentally disabled and are wheel chair bound so the sight of little ole me in my personalized t-shirt walking down the halls was enough to stop traffic. One nurse was amazed "she can walk?"
I walked to the car all on my own and had a very uneventful car ride home. Mommy finally caught up on a little sleep and a shower while I napped. It is definately nice to be home!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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