Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Mommy has been working on creating a scrapbook for me using digital photos and a digital scrapbooking software. She worked on some pages from this summer and one of them happened to be when I got in the baby pool after my cast was removed. Once I saw the photo I was insistent that I get to go outside and get in the pool. The more Mommy would try to explain why it was not an option (it's only 50 degrees outside, it's raining, it's getting dark, she doesn't know where the pool is) the angrier I would get. Finally, Mommy and I came to an agreement. She would allow me to try on the new swimsuit I got for Christmas and wear it in the bath tonight instead. OK, so it's not the same thing but I agreed and had a lot of fun!
This morning it was time for my six month check up with the cardiologist. Last time around was a nightmare and they weren't able to get either the EKG or the echocardiogram. Today I was great getting all my vitals and actually sat still for the EKG. Unfortunately, I still got all weirded out by the gel for the echocardiogram so that didn't end up happening. Dr Choy listened to my heart and with the results of the EKG he isn't concerned and willing to try again in six months.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Love your bathing suit on, it's such a great color on you! Who cares if it's only 50 degrees out, you can still play with your beach ball indoors and wear your cute bathing suit!

    Grandma McKenney and I were just talking about you and she was saying how much she misses you and what a cute girl you are!