Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

It's official we are now suffering from MTS in our household. MTS is short for multiple tank syndrome. Several weeks back we discovered we had two fish babies. One managed to make it in the tank for a few days the other close to a week. Although we would like to believe they passed away peacefully, most likely they were eaten by the adult fish. Imagine our surprise when we saw three new babies in the tank today! They were teeny tiny and we knew they would not last long if left with the adults so Mommy begged Daddy to find a way to keep them apart from the rest of the fish. Daddy came back from PetSmart a little while later with a brand new tank to house our baby fish - it's the fish nursery! If you look closely you can see our three new fish babies enjoying their new tank.
After a yucky rainy night it was a cold and overcast day but I got to go with my parents to run some errands. Now that Daddy is my weekend night nurse first stop was to find a blow up mattress he can use to sleep on in the living room. Not very glamorous but it works! While out shopping we also went to find me a bike helmet. I am a pro riding my tricycle around the house but now that it is starting to warm up, my parents are going to let me ride outside. Before I can do that, though, they told me I had to get a bike helmet. There were lots of cute helmets to choose from and I settled on Abby from Sesame Street. It's a little big but they don't make them any smaller. Unfortunately, I am not the typical kid and two problems quickly presented themselves - my hearing aids get in the way and my unusually small chin doesn't work well to keep a chin strap on. My Daddy is a pro at modifying things for me so I am sure he will find a way to make it work.
Mommy took me to the park in the evening to play and I had a great time - and a wet backside from the slides. Before bed I got to play around on the blow up mattress (it's an awesome trampoline!) and then Mommy read me some stories in bed. Great day.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. LOVE your Abby bike helmet! So cute! Lucky girl to be able to ride your bike outside. Hopefully little man's legs will grow so he can ride something outside this summer. We are all getting antsy for warmer weather, we're tired of being couped up inside.

    Glad that daddy got a mattress to make him a little more comfortable when sleeping on the floor. You have such great parents, I hope you appreciate how amazing they are!