Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Our lives (and our furniture) will never be the same - I have discovered chocolates! And not just any chocolate - Dove dark chocolate (Yes, my Mommy and I are in agreement on the dark chocolate part. Daddy is a a milk chocolate type of person). As you can see above, I was a fan from the moment I tasted it and was not happy when Mommy called an end to the chocolate fest so that I wasn't up all night bouncing off the walls!
In the early part of the day, Daddy and Lucille took me to the ENT's office at UC Davis. My feeding therapist last week noticed a strange smell coming out of my trach and thought I might have pseudomonas. Apparently, this is VERY common with folks with trachs. Since my parents had never been told before that I was colonized with it, they made the appointment this week just to be sure everything was okay even though I wasn't acting sick. Daddy did a trach change in the office so they could check out the secretions and they put a scope down my trach as well and I have a clean bill of health!
I will now treat you to me singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider with my speaking valve on!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Dark chocolate and furniture... Not a good combination! I'm with your daddy, I'm a milk chocolate fan, and Jackson prefers milk chocolate as well!

    Glad that you got a clean bill of health sweet girl! LOVE your itsy bitsy spider song...