Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Grandma was not feeling so hot yesterday so we didn't go to preschool. Luckily my teacher sent one of the projects home. Since this week's theme is "back to school", we are learning about our school and our classmates. They had strunge Fruit Loops on a necklace and then each of us got four little pictures of each other to string on the necklace too. I liked stringing the cereal but wanted to hang on tight to the pictures.
When my parents found out I would be attending preschool they approached the school district about possibly letting my Grandma go with me instead of a nurse. Initially, they had insisted it had to be a nurse. Now several months later, suddenly they are seeing the light. Because the decision about me attending preschool came just days before school started for the year, they had already hired all the nurses privately they thought they would need. So in order for me to attend, Grandma was allowed to come with me until they could get a nurse hired. Getting the nurse was a little more difficult then they had anticipated and they did some checking and found out it would be okay for Grandma to come instead of a nurse. So, now they are going to hire Grandma as a teacher's aide. She will be there primarily to keep an eye on my medical needs but to offer me a little independence (read - so I don't come crying to her all the time) she will help out in the classroom right next door but will be just seconds away if ever there was a medical problem. It is a win-win for everyone. My parents don't have to send me off to school with a stranger, Grandma gets paid a little something for the hours she is there, the schools saves money by not paying for a nurse and they have extra help in the classroom!
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