Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

"Peyton" in The Game Plan

Peyton Place

"Peyton" on One Tree Hill

Peyton Manning

Today my parents learned that ranked Peyton as the #20 most popular girl name for 2009. In case you don't know the history, Mommy has always liked the name since hearing it when she was young - based on the show Peyton Place. When my Mommy found out she was pregnant with me she and Daddy discussed baby names. Mommy voted for Peyton and Daddy voted for Brooke. Because Brooke was pretty common at the time, in late 2006 my parents agreed on Peyton figuring it would be much more unique. In January of 2007, Peyton Manning won the Super Bowl and my parents figured Peyton might become more popular as a boy's name. Also in 2007 the Disney movie The Game Plan was released with the main character opposite "The Rock" with the name Peyton. Even so, how is it that Peyton has become a popular girl's name? Daddy thinks it may be related to the show One Tree Hill and it's two female characters - Peyton and Brooke. So like Mommy, I may not be the only one if my class with my name but I am still one of a kind!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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