Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Remember that whole controversy about "weapons of mass destruction"? Within our household there isn't much controversy because when you are talking about life with a 2 year old it is clear that the weapons of mass destruction are crayons! Apparently, Lucille wasn't keeping a close eye on me during the day at some point. When Mommy came out at 4 as Lucille was leaving for the day I was still asleep. Mommy noticed a crayon laying on the rug next to my bed. Lucille commented that I had fallen asleep with it in my hand and eventually it fell out. "How cute!" Mommy said. Fast forward about an hour and Mommy and I went to check on my fish. I walked over to the tank, pointed at it and said "uh-oh" very clearly. I had taken said crayon (yes, that is the very same crayon in my hand above) and at some point during the day colored all over the tank with it as well as the wooden table the tank is sitting on. A little Windex and the tank was good as new but the table is still showing some long term effects. Now I was just trying to make the tank pretty for my fish but Mommy has learned a valuable lesson - invest in washable crayons or suffer the consequences!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Oh no!!!

    I have not invested in washable crayons either, but luckily, little man has yet to cause much damage. I may be investing in washable crayons this weekend after learning about your adventures yesterday...