Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Uncle Jeff made good on his promise to get up (relatively) early this morning and take me to the mall so I could ride the carousel. My parents tried to distract me with a stop at the Disney store but I had already caught sight of the carousel and was in no mood to mess around looking at Disney princesses - on to the horses!
Uncle Jeff was kind enough to ride with me three different times (on three different animals of course) and I had a great time. Mid-way through my second ride I decided I wanted my stuffed Barney to join me so he made it on for the last ride of the day. As my parents predicted, I threw a fit when I finally had to get off but poor Uncle Jeff was feeling a little dizzy by then so I was out of luck.
My parents worked with me today on wearing my backpack during a feeding. Up until a few months ago I didn't get clearance to wear it because the weight was too much for my small size and underdeveloped shoulders. Now that I am a little bigger and steadier on my feet I have no desire to want to wear it. Mommy gave me the ultimatum this morning - either I wear the backpack or I have to sit in my high chair during my entire feeding. That didn't go over so well so Mommy strapped it on me and for the next 20 minutes I was all over the board with my emotions. Mommy showed me that Dora the Explorer wears a backpack all the time too and good thing I had a bunch of stickers of Dora wearing her backpack to show Mommy wasn't lying to me. After that, I alternated between crying and dancing with my backpack on. But when it came time for the last feeding of the night I put it on without a fight and never bothered it. Wish my parents luck that the rest of my transition to carrying my own feeding will be this easy! (And yes they will be investing in everything Dora to continue to prove cool girls wear backpacks!)

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. LOVE the pics of you on the carousel! Uncle Jeff is such an AMAZING man, I am glad he delivered on his promise to you! Glad that Barney got to go along for the ride.

    Also happy to hear that you are now wearing your backpack, that is a huge weight off your parents shoulders, literally!