Friday, October 10, 2008

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Here I am helping Mommy in the kitchen while she cooks dinner for Daddy. You can see I am doing much better with my hand. Instead of having it back behind me like I did with my cast, it is usually up in front where it should be.

Mommy hasn't wanted to jinx it, but every since last weekend I have been taking 100 cc's more each day. I get 5's more per hour during the day and 6 cc's more per hour at night. Not a lot but 100 cc's total which is the first volume jump since coming home from the NICU over a year ago! And guess what - no spitting up or anything! OK, well there have been two things that my parents and Lucille have noticed - I have lots more gas all of a sudden and I am suddenly having stinkies every day rather then every 2-3 days. Mommy can't wait for my GI appointment on the 20th to see if I have gained any weight. The extra formula should hopefully make a big difference!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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