Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Today was the much anticipated follow up appointment with my GI. Since my parents haven't been able to get a true weight on me for over 2 months because of my cast, they were very curious to see how I am doing. Drumroll please..... 16 lbs. 10 ozs. OK, so not as much as Mommy might have been hoping but not too bad. That extra volume seems to be helping. At my last GI appointment height to weight I was in the 6th percentile. Today I was in the 20th percentile. The GI and nutritionist were both very pleased, they say I look great.

As expected, Dr Davies said I need to move on to a toddler formula. Nutren Jr. was recommended and Mommy was very pleased with it. They come in 8 oz. cans that are pre-mixed and 30 kcal. This means that once I get transitioned over to Nutren Jr., Mommy will no longer have to play the chemist and mix powder and water to try to come up with 27 kcal. The nurses will be able to pop open a can and put it in the bag with no fuss or mess. Yeah! Since I didn't do well on 30 kcal of my soy formula, we are going to transition slowly. Starting tonight I will get 2 ozs. of Nutren to 11 ozs. of my soy formula. Every few days, Mommy will add 4 ozs. more of Nutren each day until eventually I will be on all Nutren Jr. After that, Mommy and my GI will work to start getting me back to bolus feedings during the day and reducing the volume I am taking at night. Dr Davies also gave Mommy a prescription for an ointment for my diaper rash. We will go back in six weeks to see how I am doing on my weight and my new formula.

In the afternoon, Mommy gave me some more baby mac and cheese and then decided to have me try a little of the Nutren by mouth. It is vanilla flavored and boy did I like it! After a few teaspoons of mac and cheese I took several tablespoons of the Nutren. I even signed "more milk" to Mommy because I liked it so much. Mommy was suprised that I didn't really have a lot of secretions from either the milk or the mac and cheese - so either I am learning to swallow better or it is going in my lungs. Mommy thinks I am just getting bigger and learning to swallow better. Until the swallow study is completed Mommy isn't going to give me a lot of milk by mouth but since I like it so much she will continue to give me tastes.

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Peyton,
    When Traiton was your age he weighed only a few pounds more than you. Now he's at 25 lbs. You're doing great with your weight and your signing. I can't wait until the two of you can sign together. Like you, he uses sign everyday. It will onl make playing together so much fun. I have to agree with your Mommy, you are a smart little girl.

  2. Hi honey,
    Glad your appointment went so well with your Dr. and it sounds as though you had a nice weight gain considering your also more active now.We're happy to hear your liking the new formula and mac and cheese(one of my personal favorites)!You sure look cute holding the spoon in your mouth!
    Lots of love baby!
    Granma and Granpa Mower