Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

We had some more button excitement today. When it got pulled out yesterday, it must have put stress on the balloon because the balloon popped today and the button fell out. Mommy was taking a nap at the time, but Daddy is a pro and put the back up button in really fast.

My diaper rash is looking a little better. It's hard to tell if it is the butt paste, the Lotrimin or the fact that I haven't had a stinky in a few days but regardless of why my parents and I are very happy. I have an appointment with my GI tomorrow so Mommy will see if they can give me a prescription for something a little stronger to take care of it for good.

Since I have been doing so well with my extra volume of formula, Mommy is hoping for a good weigh in tomorrow at the appointment. We will finally get a weight without the cast and know for sure how I am doing.

As of yesterday I am no longer wearing my splint and you can see in the picture above I am using my hand more and more each day. I am trying to fit my feeding bag into my shape sorter. Surprise, it fits!

During my trach change tonight, my Mommy let me help her pull out my old trach so Daddy could put my new trach in. My parents tried to explain that I can only take out my trach when my parents are there and have told me it is okay. After my new trach was in, my parents let me play with my old trach for a little while. I showed my parents where it goes on me and then I showed Mommy wear her trach would be if she had one. I am a very smart little girl!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Good morning Miss Peyton,
    Granma is up bright and early this
    morning(just can't seem to sleep)so
    I'm enjoying pictures and scripts
    of you.I'm glad the diaper rash seems to be getting better,and it sounds as though you are starting to put on a little bit of weight also.
    It comes as no surprise to any of us what a smart little girl you are
    (now is the time to develope all
    the ways you have at your disposal
    to pretty much get anything you want with your folks)not that you
    aren't already doing just that!
    We got our new washer and dryer
    yesterday so I'm testing them out
    and also washing a batch of dishes(
    even as I'm e-mailing you).What a
    When you read this today,please ask mommy to Kodak some of her best pictures of your furry brothers(I'm getting ready to start scrapbooking again and I'd
    like to work on yours and Traiton's
    Much love baby from us to you,
    Granpa and Granma Mower