Monday, October 20, 2008

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

There was a little heat wave this week, so this morning Mommy and I were able to go on our walk. I had to be bundled up pretty good but it was a nice day. Mommy made a stop at the park and I got to go down the slide with her a few times. She put me in the baby swing but I turned up my nose at that. Instead, I wanted to sit on her lap on the big girl swing. That was a lot of fun!

When we got home I played for a little while and then went down for my nap. When I woke up it was time to get ready to go play with Sophia & Brighton. As my parents were getting me ready, there was a tug on my extension and my button popped out fully inflated! My parents quickly got it back in and we were on our way. Daddy went on to work and Kevin was playing golf so it was just the mommies and kids. Sophia has gotten so much bigger, it won't be long before she gets bigger than me. Kelly got some KFC so while Mommy was having something to eat she let me lick the gravy off a spoon. I really liked playing peek a boo with Brighton behind Sophia's bouncy chair. I also got to play with all of Brighton and Sophia's fun toys and a few hours later Daddy returned to bring us home. Mommy said I will get to see them again in a few weeks though!

After all that playing I was definately ready for a good nap. Then in the evening I played with my parents and brothers. It was a good day.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Glad you had another good visit with Sophia and Brighton, it's also good for your mommy to get out, which is an extra bonus.

    I think that Jackson will be ready to play peek-a-boo with you this Christmas if you're able to come out, he's just starting to get the hang of it!

    Miss you and love you sweet girl, hope you had a great weekend!

    Aunt Kristin