Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 27th, 2011

We got a call from my GI doctor with partial results from the testing that was done while I was inpatient a few weeks ago.

1.  The biopsies of my intestines were normal.
2.  The h pylori test was negative.
3.  Within my stomach there were just a few cells that might indicate allergy or reflux.
4.  Within my esophagus there was more cells that might indicate allergy or reflux.
5.  The impedence probe test is complete but she is still working out the percentages.  Just looking at the numbers if there is reflux it doesn't look like much.

So now what?  Her two recommendations were to introduce Flovent and Prevacid.  Since I am already taking Flovent for my asthma symptoms it looks like I will need to start up on Prevacid.  Then 4-6 months from now I will probably need a follow up endoscopy to see if the medication is helping.  She is also going to send out some information on a no-milk diet.  Although I have a significant allergy to milk, every now and again I will have teeny tiny itty bitty amounts of food that contain milk.  To be on the safe side, Dr O'Gorman wants my parents to cut all milk out of my diet.  So not any real bad news but another medication to add to the list.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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