Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Ever since Uncle Jeff went to Park City last fall he has been asking my parents to bring me up the mountain to check out the Park City Resort in the summer.  With mid 90 degree temps in the valley, it seemed like a great day to go up where it would be about 10 degrees cooler. 

The resort opened at 10 am and when we arrived at 10:30 it was almost deserted.  There is so much to do - zip line, alpine slide, trampoline jump, minature golf, roller coaster, rock climbing wall and two kiddie rides - that we first had to decide where to begin.  Although I wanted to go right to the carousel my parents told me I had to go all the way up the ski tram and down the alpine slide to get to the carousel that was just a few feet away.  Hmmm...  Anyway against my wishes, I hopped on the tram with Daddy, Mommy and Uncle Jeff and started heading up the mountain.  Apparently the tram is like the speed of light during the winter but in the 85 degree heat it was barely crawling.  It gave us plenty of time to work on our tans and check out the gophers, chipmunks, zip line, roller coaster and alpine slide from above.  A few times I got a little antsy and was more than ready to get off when we reached the top.  Although Daddy and Uncle Jeff were ready to fly down the alpine slide, all of us went down the slow lane.  Since I can't ride alone yet, Uncle Jeff and I went down first.  After whining for the first few seconds I was having a blast and asked him to go faster!  Mommy followed behind us and I was there to greet her at the bottom.  After she got off she was able to get a quick photo of Daddy as he made his way to the bottom.

We had a quick drink and then I headed to the carousel.  Uncle Jeff took me on that as well and Daddy and Mommy were both a little anxious as it became apparent this was the fastest carousel in the world.  They had a little fun watching other newbies hop on and parents be more than a little surprised when it took off!  Lots of comments of "this is really fast" floated by.

After my carousel ride, my parents weren't sure if I would go on the airplane ride or not.  I haven't ever really been on any rides before and this one I would have to go by myself.  I was a little nervous but four other little kids got on with me so that made me feel a little better.  Once I got my plane off the ground I was hooked and couldn't wait to get on a second time!  By that point everyone was melting and ready to leave and I had a little freak out when I discovered two was going to be my limit for the day.  It was a great test though and my parents think a trip to Lagoon is in order later this summer when it cools down.

On the way out Mommy got distracted by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory so we had to stop in for a treat.  Mommy got a frozen banana (they were out of root beer for her root beer float), Uncle Jeff got a cake batter ice cream cone, Daddy got rocky road candy and I got a gigantic neopolitan lollipop.  I had a few good licks but it didn't take long before my eyes got heavy and I fell asleep half way down the mountain.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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