Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Julz and Mommy met in 1995 at First Health.  Although they have lived hours away from each other for about a decade and talking on the phone doesn't happen as much as they would like, they still consider each other "besties".  And because they are, Mommy feels no guilt in totally stealing these photos from Julz and Joe's blog!

Mommy took some vacation hours and spent some time with Julz and her new husband, Joe when they came to Salt Lake for a concert.  They had to stop by Training Table for lunch and then Mommy came to pick me up and I entertained the newlyweds for several hours while they all caught up.  I have been changing my mind over the last few days on what type of a birthday party theme I want and then Julz showed me all her fun dolphin jewelry and now I am sure that is what I want!

Wish you lived closer, Julz and Joe!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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