Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

At 6 am on the dot I woke up, shook Mommy and pointed out the window to the brightening sky - it was morning!  Mommy was pretty groggy but admitted she had told me once it was light out that it meant it was morning and we would be able to go home soon.  I was in a great mood but getting pretty antsy.  Mommy had me watch some videos while she went down to the cafeteria to get some breakfast and coffee.  When she got back I had a little time to play with my pool again.  About 9 am, Mommy got permission for her and I to walk around the halls together and eventually I spotted a wagon and decided I needed one too. Unfortuntely, it didn't belong to the infant unit but we got permission to go up to the fourth floor and get a car.  I was in heaven and spent the next 90 minutes going up and down halls as fast as I could.  There were a few close calls with the doctor's making rounds and a few pieces of medical equipment but eventually we got the notice that the orders were signed and we could leave!  Before heading out the door, though, the nurse had to remove the tape from my face and pull the tube out of my stomach - yuck!  It only took a few seconds and then I was able to get dressed and get all my stuff together to head to the car.  I waved at everyone on the way out and Mommy let me stop to throw some more money in the fountain.  As she got me into my car seat I told her, "I had a great time at the hospital" but when Mommy asked if I wanted to stay another night I responded with a firm no!

We grabbed some lunch on the way home and I got a few minutes to play before both Mommy and I took at nap.  In the evening we stopped by Grandma and Papa Smith's to drop off the car they had let Daddy borrow and then on to the dealership to pick up Daddy's car.  Then we went to dinner at Mimi's.  I had tons of fun coloring before heading home for a bath and bed.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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