Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Daddy and I woke Mommy up at 2 am this morning because I had a nightmare about spiders. This is really unusual since I love spiders (remember I was a spider for Halloween). Daddy said I sat straight up in bed and I was terrified. I made Daddy take the blankets off my bed and wouldn't sleep in it the rest of the night. I told him the spiders were biting me. Daddy and I got in bed with Mommy for a little while until I calmed down and then I went back to my room and slept on the mattress on the floor with Daddy the rest of the night.

After all that drama I woke up in a good mood and was excited to see my cousin Jackson. He has been out of town visiting his grandparents in Tennessee so it's been a few weeks since I've seen him. A storm came in over night and the roads were very snowy so Mommy and I took Daddy's all wheel drive to get to Jackson's house. We had fun playing for several hours and when an evening dinner was cancelled due to the storm, we made plans to meet up after nap time at the mall for our annual visit to Santa.

I have been waiting anxiously to see Santa and tell him I want a firehouse play set for Christmas (see photo above). If anyone asks, I sign "firefighter" each and every time. (Good thing Mommy preordered the firehouse play set from Santa. In fact, it is already put together and waiting for Christmas morning down in the basement). Despite the lack of sleep, I was way too excited to settle down for a nap. The roads were awful but Mommy and I met Aunt Kristin and cousin Jackson at the mall at 4 pm. With it being a Sunday and all the snow, it was nice and quiet at the mall and there were only a few kids ahead of us in line. Jackson talked a lot about "ho ho" but was more interested in getting a snack and some milk then he was in sitting on his lap. On the other hand, I was jumping up and down in excitement (see photo above with the big smile waiting in line). And then it was our turn..... dun dun dun. As Mommy went to step across the threshhold and into Santa's den, I started backing away shaking my head vigorously and saying, "No, no, no!". Jackson did a repeat of last year and Aunt Kristin sat on Santa's lap while Jackson sat on hers. He let Santa know exactly what was on his mind - he wanted the snack and milk that his mommy had promised. Meanwhile, I continued to whine and protest at any attempt to sit with Santa, although I did relent and accepted a coloring book for him and gave him a wave. After Jackson and Aunt Kristin got their photos we got to go to See's and pick out a sucker. On our way out, the line was gone and Santa was sitting all alone. I gave him a wave and blew a kiss which he blew right back but still refused to sit on his lap.
It was a scary ride home on the snow packed icy roads. Even with an all wheel drive car, Mommy slid through one yellow/red light when she hit some ice. Luckily the driver turning left avoided hitting us. Mommy was relieved to finally make it safely home. Daddy went back out to shovel the deck for my furry brothers and snow blow the drive way. I was pretty worn out and after a bath and a trach change I fell asleep after just a few minutes reading my books and the snow is still falling.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. You will sit on ho ho's lap before this Christmas season is through! Please let him know Jackson changed his mind and wants "Mickey" and a "choo choo"!