Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Oh the joy and the despair! It was surprisingly a great day in November in Utah so we went to the local elementary school to play. I had lots of fun hanging from the slide and getting on the see saw with Mommy and Daddy. The only other people on the play ground initially were an older couple and a 2 year old blond boy. At one point, the grandmother said to my parents, "Looks like you have some experience with Primary Children's." Mommy explained that they have only been going there in the last few months since we just moved from California. As they got to talking, the grandmother shared that her grandson has been in the NICU for several months now after he was born with his intestines outside of his body. They were trying to move them back in slowly but they eventually died. He was supposed to come home Monday but had an allergic reaction to some medication and was all swollen. The grandparents live in the area but the parents are living in Idaho. Mom moved to Utah with the 2 year old to be close to Primary Children's while the Dad comes on weekends to visit. They were at the hospital then and the grandparents were taking care of the older grandson. My parents chatted for a few minutes until they got ready to leave. Everyone shared their best wishes and off they went. Such a small world in some ways - tragedy strikes so many people. It made my parents appreciate again how well I am doing.
And then the despair.... That came when it was time to leave and I threw a pretty good tantrum - kicking off my shoes, throwing off my hearing aids and kicking like a banshee. Despite the embarrasment Mommy thought to herself - at least I am well enough to be at the play ground throwing a tantrum - right?

Peyton Nicole Smith

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