Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

In true Peyton fashion, I can't just have an ordinary Halloween. No, I must make the rounds and visit every family member or friend within 50 miles (okay not quite). Here was the schedule for the night:
Stop 1 - Macy's at Fasion Place where Grandma Mower was working
Stop 2 - Karen's house in West Jordan
Stop 3 - Grandma and Papa Smith's house in Sandy
Stop 4 - My house to pick up Daddy
Stop 5 - Grandpa Mower's house in Sandy
Stop 6 - Aunt Kristin and Uncle Lonnie's house in Salt Lake
Stop 7 - Viv's house to visit Uncle Jeff
As you might imagine trying to cram all of this into a few hour time span was not as fun or exciting as it might sound. With it pouring rain out most of the night, that was the icing on the cake. But I was a trooper!
Despite my parents wanting to see me in the Cindy Lou Who outfit that wasn't going to happen and I dug in my heels and as you can see I wore my spider costume as originally planned (although without the hat that went with it). Mommy and I met Jackson, Aunt Kristin, Traition and Uncle Jason at the mall and went trick-or-treating together with Grandma Mower who was dressed as a clown. Initially, I wanted nothing to do with her but warmed up after getting some candy! Traiton's Mommy is uber talented and made a super cute Plex costume for him but it was a little difficult to walk in so he had to work hard for his candy!
After the mass chaos of the mall it was back in the car and out to West Jordan to visit Karen. She had not only candy for me but some other fun items like a flashlight and pumpkin socks! I helped her decorate a bit and then off we went back to Sandy to visit Grandma and Papa Smith. My cousins and Aunt Ruschelle were just getting ready to go out trick-or-treating and I got to play a while and finish my feeding before they headed out. Then it was time to go pick up Daddy. We made a quick stop by Grandpa Mower's house where I was his official first trick-or-treater of the night (it was pouring rain at this point so only the really committed kids were out and about). Then on to Aunt Kristin's where the neighbors got together and went trick-or-treating together. These guys have it together, though, they bring a back pack with some cold beer while they take their kids door to door. I don't think they really needed to cool the beer since it was seriously chilly out by that point. After navigating a few seriously dark hilly streets with sidewalks that were pushed up from all the tree roots I decided no candy was worth all the fuss and back in the car I went to head to Viv's to go visit Uncle Jeff.
Finally, my parents and I got a moment to relax and enjoy Viv's great cooking. By about 9 pm it was definately time to be heading home because my parents were exhausted! It took me some time to settle down from all the excitement. After all that trick-or-treating I only ended up licking a few Sour Patch Kids!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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