Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

With the Lorax on Friday night and the zoo yesterday you would think I was ready for a quiet night at home but the weekend was capped off by getting to see Disney on Ice with Hope Kids tonight!  Jackson went last night with his parents and shared some pictures so I was so excited to go. 

As soon as the lights went down I kept whacking Mommy and pointing as each new character skated onto the rink.  I was so happy that I followed right along clapping and dancing.  At intermission, we found we were sitting right next to Mason and his parents and older brother!  My parents met Mason's parents during my jaw distraction a year ago as they were waiting for him to come out of heart surgery.  Although the parents had seen pictures of each other's children this was the first time to see the kids in person.  Mason is doing great and won't need more surgery for a few years hopefully.  Although Mason and I have very different surgeries, we have much in common when it comes to the medical challenges we face now and in our future.  And because of Hope Kids both Mason and I as well as our parents have the opportunity to have some fun knowing that all these families share a common bond and similar experiences.  Thanks Hope Kids!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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