Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

After a wonderful night's sleep (12 hours!) Mommy figured we would have a great day together while Daddy had to head into work.  Before Daddy even made it out the door though, I woke up and vomited.  It was such a small amount Mommy thought it probably wasn't a big deal and started a slow feeding while I watched some TV.  But within an hour I threw that up.  Mommy was starting to get a little concerned but decided to let my tummy rest before starting Pedialyte an hour later.  And just like in the hospital the rest of the day was the same cycle of getting feedings and then vomiting them up about 90 minutes later.  As the day progressed, I got more lethargic and went hours without speaking except to plead "no more food".  Mommy as getting more and more worried.  So after 8 hours and 6 episodes of vomiting Mommy broke down and called Dr Williams.  Since we weren't sure if it was a motility issue or constipation (no bowel movements since Wednesday) he called in an order for glycerin suppositories (constipation) and Phenergan suppositories (nausea).  His recommendation was to start with the glycerin first to rule out the constipation.  If that didn't work then give the Phenergan to treat nausea.  But he warned that I would have to make a judgement call if neither of them worked at some point we would have to go to the ER to prevent dehydration.  At that point they would place an IV and decide if I needed to be readmitted.

Mommy was off to the pharmacy once again but while getting the suppositories, the technician mentioned a little trick she used with her child to make the process easier.  She applied some Ambesol to the "area" about 30 seconds ahead of time so it would be a little numb.  She said it worked like a charm for her daughter. 

Mommy got home and tried out the little trick (hard to say how much it helped since I knew what she was going to do and wanted no part of it) and within 20 minutes of the glycerin I was producing results in the bathroom.  (Sorry no photos!)  A few minutes later, Daddy hooked up a feeding of Pedialyte and an hour later when there was no vomiting he started some formula.  My mood continued to improve over the next few hours and my parents breathed a sigh of relief - no ER trip tonight!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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