Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Rub a dub dub, two cousins in a tub!  Because of the pain catheter, I haven't been able to get in the tub since the surgery.  Today we went back to Primary Children's to see Dr. Morales and get the pain catheters removed.  As soon as he walked in the room I started crying.  Before he could pull the catheters out, though, he remembered that there was a stitch holding them in place (good thing Mommy didn't pull them out like she wanted to!).  Off he went to the OR to get some scissors and when he returned my parents had to hold me down on the exam table while he cut the stitch, removed the catheter and then pulled off the tape from each side.  There was still some more tape before the catheters could be completely removed but I was having none of it, so Dr. Morales cut off the catheters from the ball and left the remainder taped in place for my parents to get rid of later.  At least I was finally free of carrying around the ball!

When Mommy came to pick me up, we got to go play with Jackson and I got my bath.  After the bath, Mommy had Aunt Kristin hold me down so she could remove the last bit of tape.  The only thing left now is steri strips but as I have repeated to everyone who will listen - those will fall off on their own!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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