Sunday, March 4, 2012

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

After six rounds of vomiting, Mommy knew something just wasn't right she just didn't know what was causing it.  Was it the pain ball, the Nubine (IV pain medication), the Lofran (anti nausea medication)?  So Mommy told the nurse that it was time to call Dr Williams (the resident on call) to see what to do next.  He didn't feel like the pain meds were causing the issue so he ordered a Phenergan suppository to repalce the Lofran as an anti nausea medication and Reglan to speed up the motility of my belly and replaced the Nubine with Torradol (ibuprofin).  About 6 am the nurses turned off my feeds except for the IV fluids and held me down to put in the Phenergan suppository.  I was not a happy camper but afterwards the nurse gave me a choice between a teddy bear or a dolly. 

Over the next few hours, I tried to vomit several more times but nothing came up.  With the Reglan on board and no vomiting for a few hours the nurses started back up the Pedialyte and once I could hold that down, they added in my soy formula.  Within hours I was like a new girl, I even started telling them I had rumblies in my tummy and to give me more formula because I was hungry! 

When Dr Williams stopped by as things were starting to improve, Mommy asked whether I could be discharged today.  Since the pain had been controlled well the only issue was the vomiting.  At 2 pm he wanted an update from the nurse and then would decide if I was well enough to go home. 

Uncle Jason stopped by around 10:30 and brought Mommy some coffee and food since Daddy had to go to work and she was on her own.  I was still pretty grumpy but as he was leaving, they gave me a dose of Torradol and within minutes I was back to sleep.  Mommy had spent all night trying to convince the nurses that I hate having blankets over my body and I refused to put pajamas on.  So Mommy kept covering me up, but I wasn't having any of it and preferred to be just in my panties.  The nurses were worried I was going to be a little shy but even one of my bum cheeks was hanging out for everyone to see and I could have cared less!  In fact, I spent most of the day with my hand down my panties as if I was Al Bundy! 

By noon I was much perkier and playing with toys and watching DVD's.  Mommy got a call from the front desk and I had a delivery.  It was a Hello Kitty Edible Arrangment.  I was feeling so good I even licked several different fruits.  Thank you Aunt Kristin, Uncle Lonnie and Jackson!

At 2 pm, Grandma Glenda came by for a visit and Mommy finally got a chance to get a real meal at the cafeteria.  Since I was doing so well, Mommy asked the nurse to call Dr Williams and let him know we wanted to go home.  He must have said okay because they started in on the discharge paper work.  While we waited I was getting pretty grumpy about the IV and how much I disliked it.  The only thing that seemed to help was a foot and leg rub around the IV.  So Mommy worked on the leg with the IV and I had Grandma Glenda work on the other leg just for fun.  Whenever they would stop I would yell "rub me"!  I have always been a little diva and what better time to be a diva then while I am in the hospital?

Finally it was time to remove the IV and head home.  I had just been given my last dose of Torradol so I was pretty out of it but woke right up when the IV came out.  Then Mommy quickly got me dressed and packed all my stuff up in a wagon and we were out of there!

Mommy and I headed home and had a little time to relax before Daddy got home from work.  While he worked on snow blowing the 6 or so inches of snow we had gotten over night, Grandma Glenda came by so Mommy could get my prescriptions filled.  Since Mommy was pretty wiped from her night in the hospital, I went to bed with Daddy and off she went to get some much needed rest.  So glad to be home!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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