Monday, March 12, 2012

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

It was going to be a beautiful day and we had plans to meet up with Daxton and his family at the zoo.  Daxton is a few months older than me and he has Nager Sydrome too.  Although his Mommy and my Mommy have emailed and talked on the phone we have never met in person.  Since we share some of the same doctors (including Dr. Morales) it's amazing we haven't run into each other at Primary Children's!

As we were headed out to meet them, Daxton's Mommy called to let us know they were having car trouble.  Even after spending a few hours trying to get it fixed, there was still a problem so they had to cancel.  I was pretty ticked off because I was bound and determined to go to the zoo, so late in the afternoon Mommy and I went to the zoo on our own.  It was packed and it took 20 minutes to find a parking spot but we had a great time!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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