Friday, April 22, 2011

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

I am adjusting to life without my hardware and loving it!  With the weather still a little hit or miss I am a bundle of energy needing an outlet.  I can't wait for easter egg hunts this weekend and I hope the weather will particpate!

Skyler and Dylan, my cousins on Daddy's side, both attend Spectrum Academy.  It is a charter school for kids with autism.  Skyler started attending several years ago when it first opened.  He had previously attended public school but having Asperger's made it very difficult and Spectrum Academy became available at just the right time.  He hated going to school and was falling behind but after a few years at Spectrum he has turned all of that around.

Last night was the annual spring fundraiser and Mommy and I attended with Grandma Glenda and my aunt Ruschelle.  Skyler wasn't feeling well but Dylan performed along with kids from all the different classes.  When Spectrum opened several years ago it was just an elementary school but it has expanded to junior high and high school which will allow Skyler to finish out his education there.

I was enthralled watching the kids perform.  The preschool and kindergarten classes sang some Signing Time songs and I was signing right along with them.  In fact I probably would have headed up to the stage to perform right along side of them if I could have! 

Mommy volunteered in the school for a few hours before they opened the school all those years ago and she was impressed with how far they have come.  Spectrum really has made a difference in Skyler's life and if anyone is interested in learning more about how to help you can find out more at their website:

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