Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

A note from Mommy:

This morning we decided to brave potential germs a few days before surgery and went to Black Bear Diner for breakfast.  Yes - completely idiotic.  After waiting 20 minutes for a table with streams of people coming in and out we had been exposed to pretty much every germ floating around at that moment.  We were so happy when the meal arrived very quickly - we were certainly starving by that point.

Peyton was in rare form, having a great time at the table eating Splenda, salt, pepper, butter and drinking soda.  If you saw how she "ate" you would think 1- we are awful parents (I'm not necessarily disagreeing) and 2 - she should be 500 lbs by now with that diet.  She was in a great mood, though, and there wasn't any cries or tantrums so maybe people weren't thinking 1 - we were awful parents.  A group of folks were sitting across the aisle and as they got up to leave an older gentleman stopped by and told us what a beautiful daughter we had.

Now remember, we don't have anything to compare to but it strikes Travis and I as strange that people go out of their way to tell us that all the time.  Later in the day at the grocery store, the checker not only gave her the customary sticker but also dipped into her own purse to hand Peyton a toy that she said belonged to one of her grandchildren.  Seriously people this stuff happens to us almost every time we go out with her.  Part of me thinks it is very sweet and what is the harm in it.  But a part of me wonders if people feel pity for Peyton and want to try to "make up" for everything she has gone through.  Now don't get me wrong - Travis and I probably spoil her more because of that very reason at least to some extent. But I wonder what people are really thinking when they do and say the things they do and I can't help but think I am doing Peyton a disservice by not explaining that she wouldn't want to be recognized for her disabilities rather then her abilities. 

Since I want to believe in the good of people I will continue to take their comments at face value.  Because maybe they really aren't looking at her disabilities at all... maybe I am the one who can't see past them.

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