Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

With Mommy and I both fighting our cold this week and me only two weeks out from surgery we tried to have a quiet week at home whenever possible.  Despite the inconsistent weather, I am having so much fun watching my beans grow.  Every day I come home from Grandma's and have Mommy and Daddy come with me to check out the progress. 

In the last week I have become a very dedicated mother to two of my dolls.  One is a bath doll and is never clothed but comes with me for bath time.  The other has a dress, hat, pacifier and shoes.  Since she comes with me everywhere (the store, Grandma's, the potty) it has been a challenge not to lose anything.  Unfortunately, I am down a shoe but I have been promised by Grandma Glenda that she will make me a new set of shoes for my baby to complete the outfit.  Last night I laid my baby on the Lazy Boy, covered her with my lovie and insisted that the overhead lights be turned off since she was sleeping.  It's great fun pretending to be a Mommy!

On Saturday night my two furry brothers and I stayed the night with Grandma and Papa Smith.  Since moving to Utah I have had a few overnight stays while my parents were 1/2 mile up the road at home.  Prior to these overnight stays my parents had never both been away from me over night unless I was hospitalized.  For my Mommy's birthday her family got her and Daddy a night's stay at the Park City Marriott.  Since I was over my cold, my parents left snowy Salt Lake and headed up the mountain to snowy Park City.  With ski season at a close it was quiet in Park City.  They had a relaxing night and were back to pick me and my furry brothers up by 10:30 Sunday morning.  Since my grandparents have 3 dogs of their own it was a full house.  Pandy slept with me while Henry and Chili joined Coco and Sadie in my grandparents bed!  Although Henry and Sadie had a few tense moments Saturday afternoon by Sunday morning when my parents came to pick us up they were getting along just fine!

Sunday afternoon my parents finally got me in to have my hair cut and as you can see they cut off quite a bit - about 3 inches.  I wasn't so sure I was keen on the idea of a hair cut but once I sat down in the chair and could gaze at myself in the big mirror it didn't seem like such a bad thing.  I had a great time watching Daddy get his hair cut at the same time and even got a sucker for being such a good girl!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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