Monday, May 21, 2012

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

It was time for my yearly cardiology appointment and after last year went so smoothly I don't think Mommy was prepared for any resistance on my part this time.  Boy was she wrong!  I did not want to get the echocardiogram done so Mommy pretty much had to wrestle me to the table and once I realized there really wasn't going to be anything that hurt I finally relaxed long enough to enjoy watching my heart beat on the monitor.  When my cardiologist came in later I was in a pretty good mood and didn't fuss at all while he listened to my heart.  He said that based on the results of the echocardiogram I was doing great - no change.  At this point, he would normally only have me return in three years instead of yearly since not a lot of growth happens over the next few years.  Since I have a syndrome and the growth pattern is not well known, though, he wants me to come back in two years instead.  Mommy had a few questions about activities now that I am starting school and he let her know with the exception of football and weight lifting I was able to do pretty much anything any other kid is doing at my age.  Yeah!  Wipe Out here I come - just kidding!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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