Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Six days ahead of my 4th birthday we held my party at Aunt Kristin and Uncle Lonnie's house.  Since Mommy and I had a sleepover last night we were ablet o get right to work this morning to get everything ready for the party.  Jackson and I finished putting together the wave bottles for the other guests and then Mommy decorated the dining room with a net and let Jackson and I pick out where the sea animals would go!

Mommy worked on decorating a table with all the things for the kids - we each got a treasure chest with snacks inside, a wave bottle, a treat bag and a dolphin cup!  Just like at Jackson's party a few months ago, we brought back the inflatable Nemo bounce house and even though it was pretty hot we had a lot of fun in the morning making sure it was working well for the party later!

It was hard to settle down but eventually we both took quick naps before having to wake up for the party.  All the kids had a great time in the bounce house before we got to work on the dolphin pinata.  Then it was time for cakes for the adults and cupcakes for the kids.  So a little story about the cake.  Mommy had seen a really cute sea themed cake at Target.  It had a big octupus on it and so Mommy talked to the cake decorator and asked to have the octupus replaced by a dolphin to match my dolphin theme.  Saturday afternoon Mommy went to pick up the cake and the cake decorator was still there.  She handed Mommy the cake and said, "I have never made a dolphin out of frosting before."  Mommy had to hold back hysterical laughing because as far as she is concerned she still hasn't made a dolphin out of frosting - maybe an eel - but certainly not a dolphin! 

After cake it was time for me to open my presents.  Last year I had a melt down because I wanted to ride the ponies rather than open presents but with no ponies in sight this year I agreed to letting Jackson open my presents while I watched - I have made some progress over the last year!

It was a super fun party and I had a great time.  So many of my friends and family showed up I loved all my presents.  As Mommy got me to bed tonight I am already concerned that time is running out to determine the theme for my birthday party next year.  Nothing like finishing one party before working on the next one!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Happy Birthday Peyton! I hope 4 is a great year for you!