Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Just to check the placement of my g tube again, I went to Riverton Hospital today to have an upper GI done.  I had to go without eating for 4 hours and then they ran some barium through my tube and watched it on xray to see where it went.  As soon as Mommy, Grandma and I headed into the room I recognized it from past traumatizing experiences and started crying.  All I had to do was lie down on the table while they pushed the barium through but I cried the whole way through.  The technician said the doctor also wanted to see what happened in the esophagus which meant me swallowing some barium.  My options were to drink it on my own, have it squirted into my mouth against my will or to have it pushed in through a tube down my nose.  None were great options but eventually Mommy agreed to the second.  So while I was lying down they pushed root beer flavored barium into my mouth through a syringe.  I was so busy trying to swallow it that I didn't have the ability to cry but as soon as I got it down they let me sit up.  For the next few minutes they pulled out as much of the barium out of my stomach through my tube as possible so I could start a regular feeding right away.

The technician thought the study looked good - no signs of reflux and although the balloon from the tube is pretty close to the duodenum it doesn't appear to be creating any blockages.

After all that, I was rewarded with a visit from Jackson when Mommy got off of work for the day.  Well, it seemed like a reward at the time and for the first hour we had a great time.  For the second hour I was ticked off that he wanted to have a snack and watch a TV show so I cried for about 45 minutes straight!  But we made up for it the last hour by playing hide and seek together.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Peyton you are a trooper and you never cease to amaze me.