Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

For the second week in a row, I spent time with the HopeKids.  This time it was at Thanksgiving Point at the dinosaur museum.  I think I deserved it, because yesterday I had to go to the pulmonologist.  Normally it would be no big deal but when Mommy mentioned my "stinky trach" for the last few weeks they held me down for some deep suctioning to try to get a speciman to send for a culture.  I was pretty ticked off so a fun time at the museum was much appreciated!

Daddy and I went about a year ago, but Mommy hasn't been since my cousin Gavin was in his dinosaur stage many years ago.  I liked the dinosaurs and playing in the sand but the biggest hit was the cave that is pitch black and covered in "stars".  On our way out I got to go to the gift shop to pick out a moon and stars for my room.

After a good nap I got to go to play with cousin Jackson.  We had originally planned on going together to the Sandy City Hot Air Balloon Festival but when we arrived a little early and it was deserted we took a detour to the mall instead.  We got to ride the carousel and the train together. 

Mommy and I went back to the festival around 8 pm and it was packed with people.  One of the participants mentioned that the weather report showed 19 mph winds starting up at 9 pm so the plan was to try to get two balloons up and lit for just a few minutes.  It was already close to 8:30 and getting darker by the moment.  Mommy and I decided to head home and sure enought a little after 9 pm the winds really picked up and we were glad we were sure glad we had left!

Daddy put up my stars and moon so I could fall asleep to them tonight!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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