Saturday, March 19, 2011

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Although I am smiling in these pictures it is only after a long hour of crying earlier in the day!  Today was x-ray day.  Mommy loathes x-rays about as much as IV's because she knows it will be a process fraught with tears.  Today we were accomplishing two purposes though.  In addition to x-rays of my jaw for Dr Morales to see how the bone is healing, I am finally getting an x-ray of my shoulders so that we can really see what is going on with them.

Mommy came to pick me up from Grandma's this afternoon before nap time so I should have known right away something was up.  Mommy explained we were going to get pictures taken of the hardware and I was relatively calm until we walked into the x-ray room at Riverton Hospital.  I'm not an idiot and as soon as I saw the machines I knew what was really going on. 

There were only three shots that were needed - one on each side of the jaw and then one of the shoulder.  Now Mommy had called weeks ago to ask about sedating me since this is never a good process.  The technician assured Mommy several times that it would be no big deal they took x-rays of children all day long after all.  But this technician had obviously never met me before! 

First up was the shoulder x-ray.  I'm sure the technician thought this would be a quick one and then on to the jaw but she was sadly mistaken.  With Mommy and the technician holding me down it took multiple times and about 20 minutes to finally get an image that would work.  Each time the tech would take a shot, Mommy and I would have to wait several minutes until they saw the image and decided if it was acceptable.  Most of the time they weren't and we would have another go round.  So 20 minutes in and now we were on to the jaw.  The tech learned her lesson, though, and grabbed another tech to help this time around.  There was no way they were getting the panoramic ray the doctor would have wanted so they settled on the shot of each side individually.  It sounds simple but I am strong and I was pissed and I wasn't going to make it easy on them.  I was starting to tire out though, and in between shots Mommy would hold me on her lap and I would sob until I fell asleep.  Just about the time I would nod off it was time for the next try.  This went on about 40 minutes before they finally had two shots that were passable.  I had been asking Mommy after each x-ray if we were all done.  This time when she said that we were I stopped crying immeadiately and started talking a mile a minute.  The tech looked shocked - gone was the child that she had been holding down for the last 60 minutes and in her place was my animated, happy self.  I dno't think she'd ever seen such a quick emotional turn around.  Like I said - she hadn't met me before!

So after three days of constant fever when it finally went away yesterday, Mommy figured we were out of the woods.  But tonight I started coughing and since Mommy was already battling a sore throat and cough she knows where this is going - upper respiratory infection here I come!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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