Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes... Anything but a face

My Version of My Life had a great posting from a photo contest she was entering (topic in the title).  I doubt I will win anything - it is not great photography - but man does it tell a story.  This is Peyton holding on to a finger of her Daddy in the NICU at UC Davis a few weeks after her birth.  Because her thumb was underdeveloped you can see her holding on with her fingers because she couldn't grasp with her thumb.  At a year old that thumb was removed and her index finger was rotated to the thumb position.  We don't have many photos of that thumb.  It my not have worked well but is definately bittersweet to see it now as it is a part of Peyton that we will now only see in photos and the hand casting Travis thoughtfully created before the surgery.


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  1. Great image!
    Email me this file and I am going to lighten it and brigthen it and perhaps add a soft action to it.
    If you want me to that is...I sounded all bossy and stuff!