Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

You can call Mommy a little too efficient after today's appointment (she never realized that was actually possible).  When she scheduled the follow up appointment with Dr Morales today she figured with all the electronic medical records and technology it should be no problem for him to get the CT scan for the appointment this morning.  Although the written report was completed and the 2D scan was available, apparently the 3D scan was not.  He didn't feel comfortable making a decision on which surgery to proceed with until he had a chance to see it.  Since he is out of the office all next week it is unlikely he will get back to Mommy until the 31st or after.  He did decide after looking at Peyton more closely that her jaw is much to tight not to proceed with doing the joint surgery sooner rather than later even if she is not a great candidate for compliance using the Therabite afterwards.  The question to be answered by the CT scan is which surgery to do first - joint repair using a rib graft or another jaw distraction.  Despite not knowing which surgery, we went ahead and got on the schedule for 4/16 because there will be surgery one way or the other!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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